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Offer Mera Diamond from Klöber

Smarter. more comfortable, more elegant.

Experience the art of sitting! After a long time at home, your office deserves a bit of elegance. With modern diamond quilting, the new Mera exudes more than ever before. Optimal for office, home office and meeting rooms.

Until 31.12.2021 you get the chance to buy the Mera Diamond for the special offer price of 399,- plus VAT and delivery (pickup in Munich free)

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Thonet - More than a piece of furniture

For more than 200 years, Thonet has been developing and producing furniture for residential and contract use.
For many people, exhibits from Thonet are not just pieces of furniture.
Many bentwood and Bauhaus classics are design icons with high durability and value.

Thonet furniture accompanies us everywhere – at home, in waiting areas and lounges, in offices or in cafés.

New Work -

Digitalization has greatly changed the way we work. Our offices must adapt to these changes and create space for communication and community: The analogy to the café at the turn of the century cannot be overlooked.

“Thonet furniture can be found wherever people meet, exchange ideas, pause for a moment or work on the move.” Philipp Thonet, 5th generation of the Thonet family

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Ypsilon by Vepa

Sitting, standing, flex work, scrum…

Ypsilon is dynamic and allows you to have different postures.
The ultimate workstation!
An all-around flexible and connectable system for both sitting and standing work.

The video shows the creation of this beautiful desk.

Focus on sustainability

For the company Vepa, the issue of sustainability is a decisive factor. Not only do they produce 100% in Holland, but they also use only regional raw materials.

Vepa is on its way to becoming a waste-free factory. What does that mean exactly? Waste materials such as wood, metal and fabric are reused for new furniture.

Discovering work cultures together

Discovering work cultures together. The motto of the WORK.CULTURE.MAP from König und Neurath. By analyzing a company and its work culture, the consulting tool K+N WORK.CULTURE.MAP can be used to individually adapt and improve their workspaces. By looking at the seven dimensions: Technology, Employees, Work-Life, Creativity, Agility. leadership style and performance orientation, a consulting model is created with impulses for room design and furnishing.

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The stool to go!

Kretho a brand of Klöber that pays attention to a particularly environmentally friendly use of felt. The product “TAKEoSEAT”, for example, is 100% recyclable and was made largely from old plastic bottles. This folding stool is particularly practical for agile companies. “TAKEoSEAT” accompanies you everywhere, whether it's a client meeting, home office or house party

Book meeting rooms effectively

The room booking system Liso from EVOKO makes booking meeting rooms easy and clear.
The booking system is attached directly to your meeting room and can be operated with any calendar software or browser-based.

But these are not his only advantages. Click on the picture to learn more.

Modern, timeless design with Scandinavian clean lines: Johanson Design


The basic concept behind the Madison Conference design is a flexible system developed to support more tabletop sizes while retaining the stability of the table.

Madison conference table and Cap chairs (price 6.789,- Euro incl. VAT and delivery)

Haddoc Oyster

Comfort and ergonomics were key concepts during the design process along with a focus on elegance and a luxurious feel.

The chair has the same characteristic style as the armchair with clean lines and embracing legs that create a clear contrast to the covered seat. Both the back support and seat are softly padded which, together with the ergonomically designed seat shell, provide maximum sitting comfort.

Madison conference table and Haddoc Oyster chairs (price 5.699,- Euro incl. VAT and delivery)

Hermann Miller: KIVO

By Alexander Lorenz 2016

Kivo is a modern, multifunctional room dividing system. Due to the modular construction, you can freely decide on shape and height depending on the area of application. Whether as a retreat area, Conference zone, or division into open office spaces. Kivo is your flexible partner.

Hauser Office Design is an advertising partner of Golfclub Eichenried

Golfclub Eichenried is the official venue of the BMW International Open.

Blå Station Modell: BOB

by Thomas Bernstrand Stefan Borselius 2017

A sofa system with almost unlimited possibilities to create individual solutions from just a few modules. Where ordinary sofas are rectangular, square and predictable, Bob offers architectural freedom.

Enter The Cosm - Review

On 18/10/2018 we introduced our new office star in Munich: the Cosm Chair by Herman Miller! Here are some impressions of the event. To the gallery ->

For You Everyone

It's 2019! We share apartments, cars, desks and pictures of our meals. Sadie Stein shares a parable about the personal stumbling blocks in sharing everything.

For You Everyone
At the age of 25, I gave away my trousers for the first time – at least it’s the first time I remember doing that. I come from a family where we give things away ….

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