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Working across generations: working environments for all generations

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Our working world is characterised by different age groups and generational models. Experienced veterans meet young, bright minds. But how can companies ensure that this diversity of experience and skills can be used to the benefit of all employees and the organisation? The key lies in measures that promote the transfer of knowledge between generations.

Current studies show that 70% of our communication in companies is with our own age group. This tendency to remain within the familiar circle can make co-operation between the generations more difficult. However, companies can actively counteract this.

How companies promote knowledge transfer

1. mentoring programmes as the key to successful collaboration

Older employees have valuable expertise. By introducing mentoring programmes, they can pass on their knowledge to younger colleagues. This not only promotes the transfer of knowledge, but also strengthens team spirit.

2. interactive workshops promote an inclusive working environment

In this context, companies can organise interactive workshops in which employees of different age groups actively participate in office planning.

Such workshops offer numerous advantages:

  • Exchange of ideas and experience: collaboration between employees of different generations encourages the exchange of ideas and experience. Older employees can benefit from the fresh perspectives of the younger generation, while they in turn learn from the many years of experience of the older generation.
  • Teamwork and integration: Participation in joint workshops creates an inclusive working environment in which employees are recognised as equal team members regardless of their age. This strengthens team spirit and promotes cohesion within the organisation.
  • Creative solutions: The diversity of perspectives and approaches in the workshops leads to creative solutions

3. technological training: Knowledge transfer and progress

Another way to support the transfer of knowledge between generations in office planning is through technology training.

Older employees can benefit from their younger colleagues in the area of new technologies, while at the same time passing on their valuable experience and business knowledge. Technology training is the key to mutual support and the integration of modern technologies into office planning.

3. flexible working environment: office planning for individual needs

The needs of different generations can vary. A flexible working environment that takes individual needs into account and offers ergonomic office furniture increases the satisfaction of all employees, regardless of their generation.

The transfer of knowledge between generations is not only an ethical obligation, but also strengthens the innovative power and competitiveness of organisations. Data shows that companies in which generations learn from each other are more successful in the long term. Companies that promote the transfer of knowledge between generations create a working culture in which people enjoy working together.

Incidentally, work equipment such as height-adjustable desks and ergonomic office chairs can also contribute to healthy and motivated intergenerational working. Regardless of which generation model you actually belong to or feel you belong to.

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