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Home office and office: psychosocial challenges and the return to the office

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In recent years, working from home has increased significantly, especially due to the influences of the Covid 19 pandemic. The concept of home office undoubtedly offers a variety of benefits, but at the same time it also poses psychosocial challenges that should be considered by workers and companies alike.

Possible difficulties for employees in the home office

Social isolation and loneliness

Social isolation is a major aspect of these challenges. The lack of personal contact with colleagues can lead to loneliness and a sense of alienation. The sense of ‘we’ is lost.

Lack of work-life balance

The boundaries between work and private life often become blurred in the home office. This can lead to overwork, as it is harder to detach from work. In addition, many employees do not have space for an ergonomic workstation at home. They often work at the kitchen table rather than at a height-adjustable workstation. The ergonomic office chair gives way to the kitchen chair. The ergonomics of the workplace suffer.

Communication problems

Virtual communication can promote misunderstandings and conflicts because non-verbal signals are often lost. The spontaneous exchange of knowledge is made more difficult and sources of inspiration from colleagues are reduced.

Lack of motivation and productivity

A domestic environment encourages distractions, which can have a negative impact on motivation and productivity.

Possible challenges for companies with home offices

Leadership and team management

Leading teams in the home office require an adaptation of the leadership culture and new management approaches to maintain a sense of community.

Security and data protection

Companies need to ensure that sensitive data is protected in the home office and that all security standards are met. This concerns the ergonomics of IT equipment.

Communication infrastructure

Technology must be reliable to ensure smooth communication and collaboration. This is crucial for spontaneous knowledge sharing.


To address these psychosocial challenges and bring employees back to the office, companies can consider the following measures:

Flexible working models

Offer employees the option to choose between office and home office work to improve work-life balance and ergonomics. A combination of both approaches is often useful and motivates their employees.

Ergonomic equipment

Give your employees access to ergonomic work equipment that can be integrated into the living room or home office. Hauser Office Design offers solutions for this, such as our home office shop at:

Regular communication

Promote communication through regular team meetings, virtual coffee breaks and informal conversations to strengthen the “we” feeling.

Employee engagement

Create incentives and employee engagement programs to maintain motivation and encourage spontaneous knowledge sharing.

Spatial adaptations

Redesign the office to meet the needs of a hybrid work culture and improve ergonomics. Consider themes such as biophilic design and bring nature into the office. This enhances the quality of work and life.

Education and training

Invest in training on virtual collaboration and conflict resolution to strengthen employees’ psychosocial skills.

There are undoubtedly many benefits to working from home, but it is crucial to understand the psychosocial challenges and take specific steps to overcome them. When it comes to returning to the office, careful planning should ensure that this transition is seamless and positive. This can strengthen the sense of ‘we’ and encourage spontaneous knowledge sharing.

You may be wondering how to successfully navigate these challenges. We are here to help you. With our extensive network and expertise, we are here to guide you through the various options. Our goal is to find an individual solution that fits your needs.

As experienced interior design experts for office planning, office furniture and office concepts in Munich, we are ready to support your business. We help you develop the right solution, whether it’s home office, agile working or remote working. As your partner for new work concepts, we strive to design your working environment so that your employees feel comfortable and happy.

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