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Beeindruckende Collage: "Design with Impact" über dem MillerKnoll-Logo. Die Fotos zeigen einen Mann an einem Stehstisch, eine Straße mit Zebraüberwegen von oben, einen Baum mit grünen Blättern und eine Frau, die in einem Café an einem Tisch sitzt."

Design with Impact – a vision that is particularly important to MillerKnoll. In the rapidly changing world of work, where the wishes and needs of employees take centre stage, the brand sees change not only as a challenge, but as an opportunity to actively participate in the design and transformation of workplaces.

The MillerKnoll team is passionate about directly involving employees, understanding their needs and increasing their well-being. By taking these aspects into account during the design process, MillerKnoll enables organisations to respond flexibly to change.

In today’s blog post, we want to show you how MillerKnoll is helping to develop creative solutions for the modern workplace.

MillerKnoll: A collective of brands that designs spaces.

Vielfältige Bürostuhl-Auswahl von MillerKnoll: 8 Stühle in verschiedenen Farben, Formen und Mustern, ordentlich in drei Reihen aufgestellt.
© MillerKnoll

MillerKnoll, a collective of well-known brands, has dedicated 100 years of experience in design research to the design of working environments. These brands have not only created impressive products, but have also made a significant contribution to shaping the world of work. Numerous iconic designs from the MillerKnoll family have become an integral part of the design world.

MillerKnoll’s mission as a brand is to create a platform that enables a more sustainable, social and aesthetically pleasing world. As part of this collective, brands such as Herman Miller, Knoll, Colebrook Bosson Saunders, DatesWeiser, Edelman, FilzFelt, Geiger, HAY, Holly Hunt, Knoll Textiles, Maharam, Muuto, NaughtOne and Spinneybeck are committed to progressive and modern design.

The focus is not solely on the design of the products; rather, the brands strive for a holistic design of spaces and a way of thinking that is reflected in every action of the collective. Andi Owen, the CEO of MillerKnoll, summarises this: “As a collective of premier design brands, we know how powerful collaboration can be – we do it every single day, working together as MillerKnoll to build the future we want to see.”

What is behind “Design with Impact”?

“It’s time to redefine the workplace,” proclaims MillerKnoll in its “Design with Impact” vision, which was presented at the end of 2023.

A global study highlights people’s desire for more flexibility in terms of work location (81%) and working hours (93%). Interestingly, 85% of employees would like to spend the majority of their working hours in the office. These findings provide an opportunity to redesign the world of work and take greater account of employees’ needs in order to create flexible and agile working environments (source: Zukunftsforum Pulse, February 2023).

“Design with Impact” goes beyond mere aesthetics and takes an in-depth approach to transforming the workplace into a place of tangible impact. The benefits of collaborative working are obvious, and to increase them for employees and companies, workspaces need to be created that are optimised for different activities. Whether it’s collaboration, meetings, networking, mentoring or focused work.

Focus on well-being, connectedness and change.

Harmonische Collage: Drei Illustrationen mit pastellfarbenem Hintergründen in gelb. Die erste illustriert Wohlbefinden, die zweite Verbundenheit und die dritte Veränderung. Alle zeigen kollaborative Momente im Arbeitsleben.
© MillerKnoll

The focus is on the individual needs and well-being of employees. A workplace should not only be functional, but also a place of personal well-being. “Design with Impact” strives to create strong bonds between employees and their working environment.

The combination of well-being, connection and change is the key to designing places with real meaning. “Design with Impact” enables not only a visually appealing workplace, but also a space that fosters employee productivity, satisfaction and community.

MillerKnoll and Hauser

As an official “Certified Dealer” of MillerKnoll in Munich, we are proud to have this innovative brand in our collection.

We would be happy to work with you to redesign your workplaces and help to involve all employees in the process in the best possible way.

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