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Our strengths

The goal of our actions is to create real added value for our customers. We help you with our services so that you can concentrate on your core business. Our experts for space planning, interior design and installation support you seamlessly from initial contact to project completion.


The art of making plans is to anticipate the difficulties of their execution. Wise words from Luc de Clapiers. With us you get a lot of experience in your project with a lot of room for innovation and flexibility.

Expert advice, showroom and trial order

We listen, we write down, we think, we ask, we discuss with experts, we show you alternatives, we let you try, we put ourselves in your project. Feel free to test us.

Color design and finishing planning

It doesn’t always have to be white, gray or black. Colors bring life into play and positively influence our perception of space. When it comes to color design, we are guided by your individual wishes and general conditions, but we are also happy to provide impulses and concrete suggestions.

Area demand and area planning

Optimal use of space with simultaneous flexibility have been standard services from us for years and are naturally part of every project.

Functional space planning

We create optimal space structures with you. Up-to-date or in the form of a demand forecast, you always have your square meters in view with us.


Successful consulting is traditionally characterized by its relevance to current events. In the time of the French Revolution, for example, a motivating “Don’t lose your head now! In 1935, Karl Heinz Karius, the author of this saying, probably had no idea of New Work, non-territorial working and fishing in the data cloud. We can help.

Room acoustic optimization

Sounds subconsciously determine our sensations. Floor, wall and ceiling are more than just room dividers. Silence and noise in the right place.

Organizational workplace design

Areas, departments, open plan office, cubicle office, combi office or business club, nothing is foreign to us. What counts is the task and the goal to create optimal working conditions for people.

Lighting concepts, glare and sun protection

Good light creates livable spaces and helps to promote productivity and motivation. We plan and advise you in finding your ideal lighting conditions.

Other strengths

We also advise and support you in the following topics: Wall, Floor, Textile, Ergonomics or Greening. Do you have something that is not listed here? Ask and challenge us.


Furnishings, acoustics, floor, ceiling, light. Our people on site know what you are doing and help on the last meters to complete the project. The first and the last impression are decisive- and we are certainly on site.

Project and move management

Projects can be something wonderful when they work. We take care that both in the coordination of your remodeling or relocation everything runs orderly and on time.

Demand and procurement management

Of course, we also take care of the recording of your requirements, logistics, quantity structures and all tasks arising in the context of tenders and samples.

Delivery, assembly and assistance after purchase

We never leave you alone at any time. We take care of every screw as if it were our own. In addition, we are available for you for all questions even after the project.

Interior Design

Of course, we also take care of the recording of your requirements, logistics, quantity structures and all tasks arising in the context of tenders and samples.

We help to bring your project to success

As soon as it has to be fast and good, our clients and network partners regularly face face challenges. The most economically advantageous supplier is rarely the cheapest. We rely on long-term partners of our company, who can be held accountable. Strong communicators on the construction site, with the claim to deliver master craftsmanship.


In addition to the realization of all common finishing trades, we support the development and production of special solutions. Also the integration of media technology, the so-called Mediatektur, is part of our service.

Are you an architect or do you need support with a specific finishing project? Challenge us!

Explain your project to us. Profit from our experience and find with us the best way.