Hauser people

This is our team, a bunch of happy people working hard to create liveable spaces.

General Executive Manager
Christian Racuteanu
Global Account Manager
Sarah Lewis
Office Manager
Thomas Linke
Disposition Management
Bernd Neumann
Space and Form Designer, Master carpenter
Albert Stoll
Authorized Officer
Reinhard Pelzer
Planning and Coordination, Diploma Industrial Engineering
Ines Haas-Rost
Logistics-Quality Management
Gerhard Rampp
Commercial specialist for wholesale & foreign trade management
Marcel Riedel
Digital Marketing Manager
Giulia Schäfer
Director Architects & Designers
Jörg Schmidt
Head of Business Development
Stefan Knoblauch
Internal Sales
Simone Schultes
Head of Accounting
Tina Racuteanu
Head of Happiness

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