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New Work Readiness: Why the right mindset is essential

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The music makers or simply music lovers among you may be familiar with the phenomenon. Strong artists with a great repertoire are on stage. All the prerequisites for a successful performance are right, but it just doesn’t want to groove. You can listen as closely as you like, everything is right, the drums are tight, the bass is booming, the guitar rocks, the singer sings well, etc., but somehow it doesn’t spark.

I personally believe that you can hear it in a band if they stand behind what they do. If the group can also play, it’s guaranteed to groove. That’s kind of how I feel about New Work concepts sometimes. Objectively, everything is there, the lounge, the retreats, telephone booths and so on, but it still doesn’t groove.

The musicians or the designers have done everything right, but are the protagonists really behind it? Was the company New Work ready? Does the organisation rock the new concept?

Why is effective office planning so important?

I believe that in order to determine the New Work Readiness of an organisation before even talking about interior design, experienced consultants are needed who ask the right questions. These consultants must offer a conflict-free, transparent business model and should not pursue other interests such as selling furniture.

If the working world is then brought into harmony with the level of actual “New Work Readiness” of the organisation, the chances are good that it will rock in the end.

New Work is not just a trend, it’s an attitude. It’s about revolutionizing the way we work to achieve better results. Before introducing the cool lounges and modern office facilities, make sure the company culture and employees are ready to embrace the changes. Getting there requires expert guidance.

It’s like a band that only really rocks when every musician puts their heart and soul into the music. It is no different in business. The organisation has to be ready to embrace new ways of working and the employees have to get involved.

That’s why companies that want to go the New Work way should first critically examine their internal readiness. Only when the right setting is in place can the transformation be successful. And then, just like a well-rehearsed band, the whole organisation will resonate in unison.

The Key to New Work Readiness with Hauser as Project Planner

Hauser is ready to remove obstacles and think around the corner for you. We accompany you from start to finish on the path to New Work Readiness for your organisation and help you find an advisor who will accompany you on your way.

You know where you can buy cool furniture at the end of the day – right! at Hauser Office Design.

So if you are ready to transform your working environment and learn more about the New Work Readiness of your organisation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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