How generative AI is changing the world of work – insights from the IDX event in Munich

We recently had the pleasure of attending an exciting talk at IDX Munich, organised by Artemide, Ege and Gabriel. Timm Rotter, founder of the AI consultancy Disruptive, was the speaker for the evening.

His presentation and the subsequent discussion centred around the transformative power of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the world of work.

Timm Rotter: AI as a business booster

Timm Rotter, an experienced journalist and head of the communications agency In A Nutshell, has been working closely with ChatGPT since 2019. His consulting firm Disruptive supports companies in the DACH region in using AI tools to create real added value. His opening speech provided valuable insights into the potential of AI to optimise business processes.

Philipp Auer: AI in architecture

Philipp Auer, architect and Managing Director at Auer Weber Architekten, brought an interesting perspective to the discussion: ‘If AI does the work for us, we’ve lost. If AI does the work for us, we’ve won.’ His view emphasises the importance of AI as a tool for increasing efficiency without replacing the human component.

Prof Dr Sophie Hieke: AI in education

Sophie Hieke from Munich Business School appealed for the proactive integration of AI in educational institutions. ‘We should not just accept generative AI as a new reality, but welcome and integrate it. Educational institutions must make their students fit for a new working world and reality!’ Her clear view: everyone should decide for themselves what AI means for us privately and professionally and what the opportunities and risks are.

Dr Till Klein: Trustworthy AI

Dr Till Klein, Head of Trustworthy AI at the appliedAI Institute for Europe, addressed the challenges of dependencies that arise with the use of external AI models.‘The large models are usually easy to adapt, but dependencies also arise, which makes it increasingly important to look at the AI supply chain.’

Fabian Meyer-Theobaldy: AI is more than just technology

Fabian Meyer-Theobaldy, Head of Global Corporate Communications at hubergroup, emphasised: ‘AI is so much more than just a chatbot.It’s about fundamentally changing the way we work.

Summary and outlook

The event made it clear that AI has become an integral part of our world. Every participant has the opportunity to make the most of this technology. A key theme was that AI is not just a tool, but also a catalyst for strategic innovation and efficiency.

We too are already working with AI. Especially for me in the field of marketing, AI is a real asset. Especially when you’re fresh out of university, you often face challenges and want to be particularly sure that a task has been carried out correctly.

So I get a second opinion from an AI before I submit my designs.

Timm Rotter remains optimistic: ‘In the end, AI will not take jobs away from people, but AI users will outperform those who don’t use the technology.’

So let’s work together to ensure that we belong to the first group and use AI sensibly, thereby positively changing the world of work.

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