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60 years of Pedrali: Hauser visits Bergamo

Darstellung mehrere Fotos in Collage. Pedrali Pavillion von innen und außen.

Pedrali is celebrating its 60th anniversary and we were there. We were invited to Pedrali’s headquarters in the province of Bergamo in Italy. On a wonderful evening in the impressive Pedrali pavilion with exciting presentations and exhibitions, we were able to get a comprehensive picture of the company.

In today’s blog, we also want to introduce you to Pedrali and its history. You will also find some great impressions from our visit.

Pedrali: An Italian company

Pedrali was founded in 1963 in Palazzolo sull’Oglio, in the province of Brescia, by Mario Pedrali. He began by manufacturing metal chairs for cafés and restaurants. He later expanded his range to include wooden and plastic furniture, which he produced in combination with innovative technologies and materials. Over the decades, Pedrali has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of designer furniture for the contract and residential sectors.

As early as the 1970s, Pedrali co-operated with numerous Italian and international designers. The result was many impressive designer pieces. Today, the family business is managed by Mario Pedrali’s children, Monica and Guiseppe. Pedrali has two production sites in Italy, one in Mornico al Serio, near Bergamo, and one in Manzano, near Udine.

Sustainability, design and quality

Pedrali attaches great importance to sustainability and pursues a green approach in all phases of production. The company uses recycled materials for some of its products, such as the Remind collection, which is made from 100% recycled polypropylene. The company is also FSC™ C114358 certified, which means that it sources wood from responsibly managed forests.

In addition, the furniture is 100% Made in Italy and meets the highest environmental and social standards. Pedrali also took part in an international conference in Berlin to share its vision of design and sustainability. The conference, organised by the German Sustainable Building Council, had the theme “Designing for the Future” and brought together experts from different fields to discuss the challenges and opportunities of sustainable architecture and design.

Her arrangement for design and sustainability has paid off in numerous international prizes and awards, such as the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award. Pedrali also received the Compasso d’Oro ADI in 2011 for its Frida chair.

Darstellung eines Stuhles in seinen Einzelteilen, sowie eine Nahaufnahme wo man erkennt, das der Stuhl

60 years of Pedrali

This year Pedrali is celebrating its 60th birthday and gave itself a present with the impressive Pedrali Pavilion.

The Pedrali Pavilion is an innovative architectural building designed by AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi. Made from recyclable wood, it symbolises movement and change in a time of challenges and opportunities. It serves as a place for all those who want to share and experience the history and future of Pedrali.

Darstellung des Pedrali Pavillions in verschiedenen Ansichten.

Inside the Pedrali pavilion is the exhibition “Pedrali60, we design a better future”, curated by Luca Molinari Atelier. It showcases the products and projects that Pedrali has designed and produced over the years, as well as the values and visions that drive the company.

The exhibition is open until the end of October not only to Pedrali employees, partners and architects, but also to anyone else who is interested. It is well worth a v

Darstellung der Ausstellung 60 Pedrali, for are better Future von Innen. Man sieht viele Stühle und Fotos von Pedralis Geschichte

The pavilion is of great importance to the company. This is also reflected in the words of Monica Pedrali, CEO of Pedrali:

“The Pedrali Pavilion is located in our Headquarters in Mornico al Serio, where everything we do is conceivedand comes to life. Here ideas and plans for the future are forged. The decision to build the Pavilion in our localterritory reminds us of our roots, our environment. This is a new space that belongssolely to us and which will be the legacy of this very special anniversary.”

Our visit to Pedrali

Here you can find pictures of our visit to Pedrali. After a warm welcome by the hosts, we had the opportunity to visit the exhibition and the impressive pavilion. We would like to thank Pedrali for the great invitation and for the lovely evening. You were great hosts and we will certainly be back soon.

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