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Ein stilvoll eingerichteter Raum mit zwei schwarzen Sesseln und grünen Beistelltischen, dekoriert mit kleinen Pflanzen und einem Buch. Ein grüner, gewölbter Akustikbogen und eine schwarze Stehlampe ergänzen die Einrichtung.

While noise can sometimes be inspiring or pleasant, such as during a meeting, there are also moments when we simply need to concentrate. A neighbour’s conversation or loud laughter from the break room can quickly become very distracting.

In today’s blog post, we introduce you to innovative acoustic solutions from Zilenzio. The products not only ensure peace and quiet in the workplace, but are also stylish elements in office planning.

Über Zilenzio: Wo Design auf Funktion trifft

Founded by Swedish acoustics experts Marie Lindqvist-Pahlstad and Jenny Helldén, Zilenzio stands for the combination of well thought-out design and functional perfection. The aim: to make working environments around the world not only quieter, but also more aesthetically pleasing. With products ranging from sound-absorbing partitions to acoustically optimised desks, Zilenzio presents a selection of acoustic office furnishing solutions.

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Nachhaltigkeit bei Zilenzio: Eine Verpflichtung zur Umwelt

Zilenzio pays particular attention to the topic of sustainability. This is clearly reflected in its goals & products. Here is a brief overview of the services that Zilenzio is already realising or has set itself the goal of realising in terms of sustainability:

  1. Goal: climate neutrality by 2030: Zilenzio has set itself the ambitious goal of being climate neutral by 2030. This goal includes reducing CO2 emissions and investing in projects that help to offset the remaining emissions. This includes optimising production processes and revising supply chains.
  2. Durability and recyclability: Zilenzio’s products are designed to have a long service life and can be recycled at the end of their life cycle. This reduces the need for new purchases and lowers waste production, which increases resource efficiency.
  3. The Green Tag programme: The Green Tag programme is at the heart of Zilenzio’s sustainability strategy. It symbolises the company’s commitment to integrating environmentally conscious decisions into every aspect of its business. The programme promotes the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes in production and ensures transparency towards customers.
  4. Use of rock wool: Rock wool, a key component of Zilenzio products, is made from natural rock and offers numerous benefits. Not only is it effective in sound insulation and fireproof, but it is also fully recyclable. This contributes to the longevity of the products and protects the environment.
  5. Partnerships for the circular economy: Zilenzio works closely with companies such as Ragn-Sells Recycling and Rockwool to develop a take-back system for stone wool. These partnerships promote the reuse of materials and support the circular economy, helping to reduce landfill waste and protect natural resources.

Bringing silence back into the office

Recently, Zilenzio provided exciting insights into the world of office acoustics through an in-depth interview with Dr Christina Bodin, a renowned architect and researcher in the field of human-environment interaction. Dr Bodin explained how both acoustic and visual noise can affect our work performance, even if we are not consciously aware of it.

Here are some of our favourite products that will make it easy for you to improve the acoustics in your office:

  • Zermatt: A desk partition designed by Studio Stockholm that creates privacy without being static. Its inviting design creates a unique sense of space and improves concentration at the same time.
  • Focus® Pod Soft: A comfortable seat that seamlessly adds a touch of softness to spaces, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere while limiting visual distractions.
  • Arc: A sound-absorbing arch that creates a feeling of security. Walls and roof together form a defined space within a larger room, ideal for creating a calm atmosphere, available with or without integrated lighting.

Your office furnishing partner in Munich: Hauser x Zilenzio

Are you ready to optimise the acoustics in your office? As the official furnishing partner of Zilenzio in Munich, we are here to help you. We offer comprehensive acoustic consultations to make your workplace not only more comfortable, but also more productive.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about Zilenzio!

We hope that this article has given you some interesting insights and we look forward to providing you with more exciting topics on office furnishings and acoustics soon.

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