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Music Loves Design by Hauser, Thonet & Poet

Poster mit einer Schallplatte und ein Bild daneben von einem Schlagzeug in schwarz.

Together with our partners Thonet and Poet Audio, we celebrated the premiere of our Music Loves Design event series in the stylish premises of Aqua Monaco.

Together with our closest architects, friends and business partners, we had the opportunity to celebrate the connection between music, design and architecture.

In addition to good music, delicious food and the right drinks, there were other highlights. Come and join us.

Who are Thonet and Poet Audio?

Thonet – a German furniture company, is known for its timeless and iconic furniture, such as the famous Thonet chair no. 14. With a rich tradition in the production of high-quality wooden furniture, Thonet combines craftsmanship expertise with contemporary design. The company has received numerous awards for its commitment to quality and design.

Poet Audio – a manufacturer of high-quality loudspeakers that combine first-class sound with stylish design. Their products are favoured by audiophiles and music lovers for their exceptional sound quality and aesthetic responsiveness. Poet Audio’s goal is to experience music in its purest form while pleasing the eye.

Event highlights

The Aqua Monaco Headquarters – A real highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the location, the Aqua Monaco headquarters. In collaboration with Thonet, this space was created several years ago and is now adorned with fascinating exhibits and stylish furnishings. This partnership between Aqua Monaco and Thonet has created a unique space that epitomises the combination of music, design and architecture in an impressive way. Here, guests were able to experience the best of both worlds: refreshing drinks and high-quality furniture from Thonet in an inspiring environment.

Live performance by PolyStereo – The musical highlight of the evening was the live performance by the band PolyStereo. In combination with the impressive sound systems from Poet Audio, a unique atmosphere was created that delighted the guests.

Sound world of Poet Audio sound systems – The entire venue was equipped with Poet systems. This allowed our guests to enjoy the incredible sound quality throughout the evening. For those who wanted to delve even deeper, there was the opportunity to experience the sound systems in Aqua Monaco’s in-house studio.

Our highlight of the evening: A spontaneous jam session in the living room – Towards the end of the evening, the atmosphere became increasingly cosy. Our guests gathered in the living room of the headquarters. Christian and the guitarist from PolyStereo picked up their guitars and everyone present listened or sang along.


Fancy a short visual summary? Then we’ve got just the thing for you! In the aftervideo you can relive the highlights of the evening and be inspired by the fascinating moments. A big thank you to everyone who took part in our event and helped to make this evening so special. Have fun watching!

Best regards and thanks to everyone who was there 🙂


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