More communication in the office: Klöber’s sustainable innovations

Elegantes Büro mit Klöber CoMeet Recylate Stühlen in Mauve um einen ovalen Tisch arrangiert, mit einem WOOOM Loungestuhl im Hintergrund und einem beeindruckenden Bergpanorama.

In the dynamic world of New Work, where flat hierarchies are becoming the norm, effective communication is crucial. To improve communication and collaboration in companies, well-designed communication areas are an absolute must!

Klöber, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality seating furniture from Lake Constance, has focused on the topic of communication and specifically develops products that not only promote exchange but also impress with their sustainability.

In today’s blog, we want to introduce you not only to Klöber as a company, but also to two of its sustainable innovations: CoMeet Recyclate and WOOOM Pet-Felt.

Klöber – Office Furniture from the Bodensee

Since its foundation in the 1930s by the dedicated foreign language correspondent Margarete Klöber, the company has specialized in ergonomic design and healthy sitting. From its original location in Owingen on Lake Constance, Klöber has developed from a “health chair factory” into a manufacturer that combines local craftsmanship with global design ideas, always focusing on ergonomics, aesthetics and environmental awareness.

Klöber strives to emphasize comfortable seating and integrates aspects of the production site in the Lake Constance region into its products. Strong regional roots are very important to Klöber.

Design philosophy and sustainable materials

Jörg Bernauer, the designer behind many of Klöber’s products, emphasizes the importance of long-lasting design: “Clear and minimalist design language ensures longevity and lasting value in design.” This philosophy is reflected in products such as WOOOM and CoMeet, which not only create meeting points in office environments, but also places that inspire new ideas.

“WOOOM and CoMeet create homely meeting points and turn them into places that inspire new ideas,” says Klöber. Both products bring a homely aspect to the office and reflect the trend that working environments are becoming increasingly homely in terms of appearance and atmosphere.

“At home or at work – it’s all about making people feel comfortable. Homeliness is a guarantee of well-being – and that’s what CoMeet stands for,” Bernauer continues. These approaches make it clear how Klöber uses well thought-out design to increase not only functionality, but also well-being in the workplace.

CoMeet Recyclate & WOOOM Pet-Felt: sustainable innovations from Klöber

Klöber focuses on a clever combination of ergonomic comfort and responsible production. With innovative product variants such as CoMeet Recyclate and WOOOM PET-Felt, Klöber shows how stylish design and sustainability can go hand in hand.

WOOOM Pet-Felt impresses with its recycled shell. The WOOOM seat shell, made of PET felt, is characterized not only by its environmentally friendly properties, but also by its inviting design, which creates a warm and cosy atmosphere both in office environments and in the home office. With the use of PET felt contributes to the visual softness and acoustic improvement of the space, making WOOOM ideal for open office layouts as well as quiet home office corners.

The CoMeet Recyclate from the latest CoMeet chair series impresses with its seat shell and backrest made from 100% recycled post-consumer polypropylene, certified in accordance with the European Certification of Plastics Recyclers (EuCertPlast). It outperforms many chairs in terms of recycled content without compromising on quality and stability. It supports the circular economy and significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

With their homely design and functional versatility, both WOOOM and CoMeet provide the perfect basis for seamless integration into various working and living environments. These products combine sustainability with aesthetics and create spaces that both inspire and invite well-being.

Klöber & Hauser: For more communication in office planning

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