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With this blog, we are launching our Hauser Insights series – we take you into our day-to-day work and let you participate in questions and their answers from the perspective of industry professionals.

We interview our employees, partners and customers and give you a look behind the scenes.

In today’s article, we introduce you to Reini, who works as an authorized signatory at Hauser and has been part of the core of our team for a quarter of a century. Reini excels at looking after our key customers and has developed a keen sense of their needs and expectations over the years. His career with us began in the planning department, where his extensive experience and exceptional dedication gave him in-depth knowledge of furniture design and functionality. As a trained master carpenter, he brings an exceptional flexibility that enables him to masterfully handle even the most complex requests and projects.

Questions & Answers: Reini’s Insight

Question 1: What are the most important aspects of a successful collaboration between Hauser Office Design and key account customers and large corporations?

A long-term and honest relationship at eye level with the key account is essential. It is important to create a solid basis of trust. If problems arise, they should not be kept secret, but addressed openly and solved together.This transparent approach promotes a lasting and trusting partnership.

Question 2: What changes have you noticed in the needs and expectations of major customers towards office furniture stores like Hauser Office Design in recent years?

In recent years, the needs and expectations of major customers have become more demanding. Customers now expect comprehensive services that often go beyond traditional tasks, such as technical support or problem solving in areas that are not actually part of the core business.

Question 3: How has the role of specialist retailers such as Hauser Office Design in office furnishing projects for large companies changed over time?

The dynamics of project inquiries have changed significantly: Whereas in the past, major projects were announced with a lead time of around 1-2 years, today’s projects come to us with less lead time. In the past, this allowed for a comprehensive and coordinated preparation time for all parties involved. Nowadays, however, customers approach us with the expectation that we will provide plans and offers within a much shorter time frame.

Question 4: What specific challenges are there in working with key accounts and how do you deal with them at Hauser Office Design?

One particular challenge is that our major customers expect comprehensive support throughout Germany. In order to meet this requirement, Hauser creates individual product catalogs for each customer. These are continuously revised and adapted to changing needs. This customized service is a key element of our successful collaboration.

Question 5: Are there any trends or innovations in the office furnishing industry that are particularly relevant for working with key accounts?

One striking trend that is particularly apparent among key accounts is the intensive examination of the concept of “New Work”. This trend has gained importance directly after the COVID pandemic. However, it is interesting to note that each of our key customers interprets and implements the topic in their own way. This reflects the diversity of approaches and strategies that companies are adopting to modernize and adapt their ways of working. This highlights the need for individually tailored solutions and approaches to workplace design and office concepts to meet the specific needs of each company.

Question 6: How would you rate the current communication and exchange of information between Hauser Office Design and major clients with complex structures?

The current communication and exchange of information between Hauser Office Design and major clients with complex structures is characterized by intensive cooperation with a limited number of direct contacts. These key people are essential for the effective flow of information within the increasingly complex corporate structures. The quality of our communication depends heavily on how closely and effectively we work with these few but important contacts.

Question 7: What measures does Hauser Office Design take to develop a more effective and closer partnership with key accounts?

In order to develop a more effective and closer partnership with key accounts, Hauser Office Design relies on several key measures. One important strategy is to build an honest and sincere relationship with the customer’s contacts. This includes agreeing to help with problems that go beyond our usual range of services.

Question 8: Are there any special requirements or expectations that major customers have of office furniture stores, and how does Hauser Office Design adapt to these?

In today’s fast-paced world, we are faced with the challenge of completing projects at shorter notice and faster than ever before. Our major customers expect even more of us to complete projects on time.

In order to meet these requirements, Hauser Office Design places great value on effective and reliable internal cooperation. This helps us to reliably meet our customers’ tight schedules. Our ability to respond quickly and accurately to customer needs strengthens our relationship with key accounts and is an essential aspect of our service delivery.

Question 9: How does Hauser Office integrate design, sustainability and environmental awareness into projects with major customers?

We work with manufacturers “MADE IN GERMANY”. This cooperation is communicated clearly and openly to our customers, which regularly leads to very positive feedback in the area of sustainability. Sustainability is a central theme in our collaboration with our key customers, who place great value on environmentally conscious and responsible production practices. This open approach helps us to strengthen the trust of our key accounts and deepen our partnerships.

Question 10: How do you see the future of collaboration between office furniture stores and key accounts, and what changes do you expect to see in this area??

I consider the cooperation between office furniture stores and key accounts to be a crucial building block for the future of the furniture industry. Key accounts attach great importance to having a central point of contact who can offer them a wide range of products in the future – a service that traditional manufacturers are often unable to provide.

This underlines the indispensable role of furniture stores, which act as comprehensive service providers. I expect that key customers will continue to make use of these comprehensive services from furniture stores in the future, which will further strengthen the collaboration and reinforce the importance of these partnerships in the industry.

Conclusion: Strong partnerships shape our path

We conclude our first “Hauser Insights” article by thanking Reini for giving us valuable insights into successful collaboration with key accounts. Our philosophy at Hauser Office Design is to build real partnerships beyond our services and to face the challenges and changes in the industry together.

Stay tuned for more exciting insights that we will share in this series.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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