Wooden modules for creative working environments: König + Neurath CUBIX.A

Ein großer Raum mit grünen Wänden und großen Fenstern und einer Menge von Holzmodulen im Vordergrund wie einer Bank einem Hocker und einem Schreibtisch.

Today we would like to introduce you to a product that simply inspires us – CUBIX.A, the further development of CUBIX by König + Neurath. At a time when agile work zones and flexible working models are shaping and changing our everyday working lives, these wooden boxes and modules are proving to be the perfect solution for companies. As a proud and long-standing partner of König + Neurath, we firmly believe that CUBIX.A can be integrated into almost any work environment, be it in meetings, open work areas or even in the reception area. Let’s dive into the world of CUBIX.A together.

An insight into the company König + Neurath

König + Neurath, a family-owned company with an impressive history of manufacturing office furniture since 1925, is characterized not only by its passion for innovative and contemporary office furniture and space solutions but also by its strong commitment to quality and sustainability. Over the decades, König + Neurath has become a leader in the office furniture industry, not only due to the exceptional quality of their products but also due to their outstanding commitment to sustainability, which is reflected in all areas of the company.

K+N views sustainability not just as a duty, but as an integral philosophy that encompasses the environment, employees, and the economy. From local production in Karben to the use of environmentally friendly practices in the manufacture of their products, sustainability is a central part of König + Neurath’s corporate identity.

CUBIX.A the further development of CUBIX

König + Neurath presents CUBIX.A, an exciting further development of its successful CUBIX modular system. CUBIX.A stands for even more flexibility, creativity and adaptability in modern working environments. These innovative wooden modules made of untreated maritime pine plywood offer companies the opportunity to completely redesign workspaces and adapt them to individual needs.

With different module sizes from XS to XL that can be combined without tools, CUBIX.A enables the creation of agile working environments that can be easily adapted to changing work requirements. Whether as communication areas, meeting areas, agile project areas, workshop and workshop areas, bistros or home office solutions – the application possibilities are manifold.

At a time when offices are becoming increasingly agile, it is crucial to find solutions that focus not only on the space but also on the needs of the employees. CUBIX.A is all about designing the working environment as the modern working world demands – flexible, creative, and individually adaptable. Because at the end of the day, it’s the employees who make the difference and their working environment should meet their requirements.

In the following video, you can see how adaptable CUBIX.A is:

CUBIX.A for your office – Office concepts in Munich

Ready for CUBIX.A? If you’re as excited about CUBIX.A as we are and already have ideas for your office, we’re here to help. We’ll help you make your office more agile and creative.

Just give us a call on 089 748 08 68 0 or send us an email at

Thank you for reading our blog post about König + Neurath and the innovative CUBIX.A wooden module.

We are happy that you are part of our community for modern and sustainable office planning! 😊

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