Working across generations: Opportunities, challenges and solutions

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At a time when five generations can be in the workforce at the same time – from the traditional ‘Silent’ to the youngest ‘Gen Z’ – you as an organisation face the challenge of creating a working environment that leverages the strengths of each age group while encouraging the sharing of knowledge and experience between […]

Working from home: between freedom and challenge

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The home office: A place of freedom and flexibility, but one that also presents us with challenges. Working within your own four walls not only has the the charm of being unbound, but also the potential of a tragicomedy – especially especially when you consider that our living and working spaces are increasinglyare increasingly merging. […]

Redesigning the office: lessons from the pandemic and the future of work

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The coronavirus pandemic has sent us on an unexpected journey in which we have not only discovered new personal skills such as cooking, but have also fundamentally transformed the way we work. This time of upheaval has made it clear that both companies and employees are challenged to rethink the workplace. The new insights and […]

The office of the future – a playground for creative minds and AI

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Imagine a world in which the walls of your office become interactive canvases on which you can visualise your thoughts with a single gesture. The office chairs adapt to your back like customised suits and the coffee? It will be served by a friendly robot that knows exactly how you like your latte. Sounds like […]

Perfect office planning: professional vs. independent design

blau orangene Grafik mit der Aufschrift Perfect office planning: professional vs. independent design

The design of an office is crucial for the productivity and well-being of employees. Two popular approaches offer different benefits and challenges: hiring a professional interior designer and planning on your own. The perfect office concept: strategies for designing an efficient and attractive office environment Option 1: Professional interior designer Benefits: Challenges: Tips for choosing […]

The power of office design: How Hauser Office Design can transform your recruiting

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In a constantly changing world of work, it is essential to design the office environment in such a way that it not only promotes the productivity and well-being of employees, but also has a positive influence on the recruitment of new talent. Studies by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO and Gensler, a global […]

Working across generations: working environments for all generations

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Our working world is characterised by different age groups and generational models. Experienced veterans meet young, bright minds. But how can companies ensure that this diversity of experience and skills can be used to the benefit of all employees and the organisation? The key lies in measures that promote the transfer of knowledge between generations. […]

The art of recruiting and retaining employees

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The importance of recruiting and creating a pleasant working environment is mostly beyond question these days. Companies invest huge amounts in recruiting new employees, designing innovative office concepts and offering great benefits, from company bikes to home offices. Sometimes, however, it seems that after successful recruitment, appreciation suffers somewhat. Therefore, every employer is well advised […]

New Work Readiness: Why the right mindset is essential

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The music makers or simply music lovers among you may be familiar with the phenomenon. Strong artists with a great repertoire are on stage. All the prerequisites for a successful performance are right, but it just doesn’t want to groove. You can listen as closely as you like, everything is right, the drums are tight, […]