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Too loud, too quiet, too long reverberation? When we notice that something is wrong with the acoustics of our working environment, we need to determine what the actual problem is. Find out what the phenomena are and what measures you can take with our Acoustics Navigator. Simply click on the heading that best describes your problem and go in depth. At the end, you will receive the appropriate recommended measures. Our acoustics specialists will be happy to visit you without obligation to discuss your individual solution.
Long reverberation
In reverberation, we speak of the time a sound or word takes to be inaudible. Ideal reverberation times in an open office are approx. 0.7 seconds. In churches it usually echoes for 2.5 – 3 seconds.
Solution: Absorption
Ceiling sail from Pinta Float/Polar: Download

Acoustic wall pictures of B-Plus | Download

Example: Silky Seal 1200 – Object Carpet | Download

Example: Secret – Creation Baumann | Download

Cubic – Decibel by Johanson | Download

Clamp Wall – Decibel by Johanson | Download

High word and sentence intelligibility
When one literally hears fleas coughing in the office, one speaks of too much intelligibility of words and sentences. The highest intelligibility lies in the frequency range between 1000 and 2000 Hz, this bandwidth also represents the bandwidth with the highest distraction potential.
Solution: Sound masking

By recording superimposed frequency ranges, unwanted high word intelligibility is covered. Concentration is possible again, the office is perceived more calmly.

Direct sound
First row rock concert. You’re standing in front of the box, that’s direct sound. More disturbing, however, is usually the opposite colleague who is too loud on the phone and prevents you from concentrating on your work.
Solution: Interrupt the sound

Inside.25 – König und Neurath | Download

Scala Floor – Abstracta | Download

Aircone – Abstracta | Download

Lack of confidentiality
Hearing or being heard is not always desired. Be it for reasons of discretion or simply because you don’t want to disturb your colleagues.
Solution: create retreats

Quite Box – König und Neurath | Download

Quite Box Duo – König und Neurath | Download

Horizonte – König und Neurath | Download

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